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🌿✂️ Grow Tie Set ✂️🌱New Tying Machine Plant Garden

🌿✂️ Grow Tie Set ✂️🌱New Tying Machine Plant Garden

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🌿🌐 AgriBind Pro 🌱🛠️

🛠️ [Pruning Tool Type]: Pruners

🌱 [Features]:

  • Lightweight at only 0.42 kg for convenient use.
  • Rapid cost recovery, saving labor with increased efficiency.
  • Binds 3-4 times more plants than by hand in the same time.
  • Time-saving, allowing farmers more time for other tasks.
  • High efficiency enhances planting area and productivity.

🔄 [Operation Steps]:

  1. Hold handgrip and press down with force until you hear a "da" sound, indicating the tape is hooked.
  2. Loosen the handgrip to take out the tape. Be cautious not to use excessive force.
  3. Overlap the branch of the crop with wire and other materials, tie them together with the tape, and press down the handgrip quickly.
  4. After cutting the adhesive tape, quickly loosen the handgrip to allow any redundant tape to spring out.

⚠️ [Attention]:

  • Tape bound should be parallel with the nail groove.

🌿🌾 [AgriBind Pro Advantages]:

  • Lightweight and portable for ease of use.
  • Rapidly recovers costs and saves labor.
  • Boosts efficiency, allowing more time for other farming tasks.
  • Increases planting area and overall productivity.

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