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Pro Life Essentials™ 🌕 Lunar Glow Wall-Mounted Moon Lamp 🌙

Pro Life Essentials™ 🌕 Lunar Glow Wall-Mounted Moon Lamp 🌙

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  1. Design and Construction:

    • Material: High-quality, eco-friendly PLA (Polylactic Acid) material for a realistic lunar texture.
    • Size: Available in various sizes (e.g., 8 inches, 12 inches) for customization.
    • Color: Natural white moon glow with adjustable brightness settings.
    • Mounting: Designed for easy wall installation with included mounting hardware.
  2. Lighting Features:

    • Light Source: LED technology for energy efficiency and long-lasting illumination.
    • Color Temperature: Adjustable warm to cool white light to create different moods.
    • Brightness Levels: Multiple brightness settings to suit various environments.
    • Lunar Phases: Option to simulate different moon phases for added ambiance.
  3. Control and Connectivity:

    • Remote Control: Included remote for convenient operation from a distance.
    • Smart Features: Optional smart connectivity for integration with home automation systems (e.g., Alexa, Google Assistant).
    • Dimming Control: Smooth dimming feature for personalized lighting experiences.
  4. Power:

    • Power Source: Energy-efficient and durable LED bulbs with low power consumption.
    • Power Supply: Compatible with standard household electrical outlets (110-240V).
  5. Additional Features:

    • Touch Sensor: Built-in touch sensor for manual control and adjustments.
    • Sleep Timer: Programmable sleep timer for automatic shut-off after a set period.
    • Decorative Elements: Optional customizable base or frame for additional aesthetics.
  6. Safety and Certification:

    • Safety Standards: Compliant with safety regulations and quality standards.
    • Certification: CE, RoHS, and other relevant certifications for product safety.
  7. Packaging:

    • Environmentally Friendly: Minimal and recyclable packaging to reduce environmental impact.
    • Inclusion: Clear instructions manual, remote control, and mounting hardware.
  8. Warranty:

    • Warranty Period: Standard one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
    • Customer Support: Responsive customer support for inquiries and assistance.
  9. Price and Availability:

    • Pricing: Competitive pricing with consideration for quality and features.
    • Availability: Widely available through authorized retailers and online platforms.
  10. Customization Options:

    • Personalization: Option for custom engravings or designs on the moon surface.
    • Base/Fixture Variations: Different base or fixture options to match diverse home decors.



Illuminate your room with the Pro life essentials Moon wall lamp. Perfect for your bedroom or bedside, this moon lamp adds a touch of ambiance and warmth to your space. Made with high-quality materials, it provides a soft, natural glow that promotes relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere.

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